Best Strategy of Preparation for CAT / MBA Personal Interview ?

Congratulations to All who have been shortlisted for personal Interview after CAT / MBA entrance examinations. You are now just one inch closer to get admission in your dream college and are pondering about how to solve the last puzzle “Personal Interview (PI) ". CAT / MBA admission process has four dimensions and aspirants are evaluated on each of these dimensions.

CAT /MBA Admission Process

The Process of Admission which includes written ability test (CAT), group discussion (GD) and personal interview (PI) along with some weight-age have been assigned to candidate’s academic performance. GD-PI process is an important factor for screening of candidates and also for final Selection.  IIMs, which also consider previous work-experience of candidates and provide pre-determined marks /weightage in selection process.

A.) CAT online test: Quantitative aptitude, Verbal ability and logical reasoning

B.) GD+PI Round

C.) Academic Background and Extra-curricular achievements

D.) Work- Experience

Personal Interview (PI) is one of the critical dimensions of overall admission process may make or break dreams of CAT aspirants. Despite of scoring good percentile in online examination, majority of aspirants have been failing to clear Personal interview. In personal interview, panel wants to access basically two factors which are positive attitude and aptitude of entrepreneurship in CAT aspirants.

Key to be successful in Personal Interview (PI):

I.) Questions based on personal back-grounds: Write a note on your personal information / achievements/hobbies/extra-curricular activities and list down all general obvious questions to be asked in PI. Aspirants should positively frame out answers for general questions such as “Define yourself, your short term & long term goals, strength & Weakness etc.

II.) Questions based on your specialization or area of study:  Brush out your basics in your area of study or specialization and positively mould it into arena of entrepreneurship, be logical and reasonable.

III.) Questions related to economy and current affairs: Google it basics of economy and questions related to your current affairs. Aspirants should read 11th & 12th standard NCERT books on economy for better understanding.

IV.) Work Experience: Just mould your Work experience knowledge into Arena of entrepreneurship and try to persuade/ convince to interview panel that how useful and handy your work experience for entrepreneurship.

V.) Questions to Interviewer or Panel: Politely ask questions such as future career growth, their expectations from candidate, what are the challenges to be successful in corporate sector?

VI.) Why do you pursue MBA? : Prepare your answer with clear logic to convince Interview panel about your interest in entrepreneurship / corporate sector.

You should now work-out your preparation and strategy for PI smartly and maximize your chances in virtue of showing problem solving skills, logical and reasonable through well prepared and articulated answers.

All the Best

Team CAT Aspirants 🙂

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