How to make notes from Newspaper ?

There is a saying that one must look and learn from their surroundings. Study is a continuous process, which revolves in a closed feedback loop. We all get inputs from our surroundings, we process it, we understand it, and then we applied it. When we get similar inputs again, we process it this time bit differently based upon previous experience or understanding ( feedback). In this way, We create or gain experiences from our repetitive efforts.

Reading newspaper is very much similar to how we process inputs in form of information coming from different media. But here also continuity is the key which improves our processing and eventually ultimate understanding.

Making notes from newspapers for competitive examinations is an art and could be learnt through virtue of patience, continuity and discipline. We the Team CAT Aspirants have tried to decipher this art through depth analysis, feedback from aspirants and by studying nature of the objectivity of needs aligned with various competitive examinations.

Why to read newspapers?

First of all, Aspirants should understand the need or importance of reading newspapers for making notes, which is an essential factor and very much required for various competitive examinations. CAT Aspirants who are aiming for high percentile in English & reading comprehension (RC) section of CAT examination, for ensuring their admissions in IIMs, must have different approach than IBPS / Banking Aspirants or IAS ( civil services) Aspirants.

Needs for reading newspapers may be classified in following three categories in the context of various competitive examinations:

A). Current affairs

B). English language & Reading Comprehensions

C). Essay Writing

Based upon the nature of question paper, Identification of need for reading newspapers for making notes is the first step towards success. Planning is a critical part of any success stories, and always considered as an important deciding factor.

What to read and what not to read?

A Newspaper has different pages / parts and which is filled with variety of information but each pages are meant for differentiated information. A good reader does not read all the pages but also looks for selective piece of information which is useful & meaningful.

In view of this, Aspirants must read only selective pages as per their needs aligned with nature of question papers of various competitive examination. Selective reading is considered as time effective and also directed towards the realization of final objective.

4 Cā€™s Strategy for making effective and handy notes:

Concise: Notes on any news / information should be concise or smaller and not more than ten sentences. It facilitates lesser time for revision.

Catchy: Notes must be jotted down in bullet points with catchy or attractive headings. It helps to remember & recall with ease.

Complete: A note should be complete in all dimensions, and even a small fact cannot be ignored while making notes.

Classification: Classification should be first thing to do before making notes, classified notes are easy to remember, recall and reproduce.

List of good newspapers to be read:

At least two newspaper should be read every day, combination of newspapers can be decided based on need of the various competitive examination.

Team CAT Aspirants has recommended following combination of newspapers for various competitive examinations:-

CAT / MBA entrance examination: The Hindu / The Indian Express & The Economic Times / Business Standard

IBPS/ Banking examinations: The Hindustan Times & The Economic Times

SSC CGL: The Hindustan Times

CLAT ( Common Law Admission Test) : The Hindu and The Indian Express / The Telegraph

All the Best

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