How to manage examination stress and anxiety?

Many students experience anxiety of Examination day, and their performances are also being significantly affected due to this stress. The final outcome or performance is product of preparation & practice, but ability to manage stress during examination may also be factored in. Those aspirants who are successfully managing stress or anxiety in examination, always excel with flying colours. But those who cannot not manage it, become losers.

The Team CAT Aspirants analysed this psychological situation, in terms of its definition, causes, and remedies. Our observations and findings are outlined below which might be helpful for aspirants/students who are experiencing stress or anxiety in examination:

Definition & Causes of Anxiety of examination:

It is defined as an emotion of individual that expects bad outcomes and force to act abnormal. It may be also defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or uneasiness about something with expectations of an uncertain outcome.

Anxiety or stress may be originated due to following reasons:

A). Expectations of performance: Students usually fall into trap of fear of bad results and worry of their performances which force them to think negative.

B). Apprehensions about consequences: Students are afraid of consequences of failure. It demotivate and attack on self-confidence or self belief. In Indian education system, Plan B is not always considered or taught, which further worsens this bad feeling or apprehensions of aspirants.

C). societal pressure: Expectations of parents, family have been increased exponentially, and many a times mis-aligned with the potential of their wards. It creates, unnecessary extra pressure on aspirants during examination.

D). Poor Life Style: Less sleep, long study hours, poor nutrition etc. are prevalent factors of poor life style, which further deteriorates the mental strength of student and also make them vulnerable for anxiety and stress during examination.

E). Misinformation & others factors: Mis-informed about examination process, wrong examination center, last minute arrival at examination center, lost or forgot admit card / pen / pencil /watch are most common reasons observed and also considered as stimuli of stress & anxiety during examination.

How to overcome this anxiety or stress of examination?

A). Information: be well informed about examination process.

B). Effective Study Plan: make effective study plan and strategy after SWOT analysis (described in other blogs, please read

C). Quality resources: study only good books and quality study resources.

D.) Good Preparation: make your study plan effectively and ensure efficient execution.

E). Practice of mock examination tests: take at least 2-4 mock tests in similar set-up of actual examination.

F). Healthy Routine: Good food, Good sleep and regular exercise.

E). Me Time: give yourself some “me time” and have some fun.

F). Meditation and Motivation: decide your way of meditation (yoga, music, worship etc.) and always dream to motivate yourself for real act.

Dos & Don’ts on Examination Day:

A). Good & effective revision of notes: make good notes so that revision before examination day may be easy and convenient.

B). Good food: have healthy foods on a day before and in morning of examination day.

C). Good Sleep: have a good sleep on night before of examination day.

D). Pens/Pencils/ watch & Admit Card: Ensure availability of pen / pencils / watch and printed copy of admit card on the day before of the examination. Check all aforesaid items before leaving for examination center on D-day.

E). Examination Center, Location, & timings: Carefully read important instructions and guidelines given in admit card about examination center, location and examination timings. Reach at location at least 45 minutes before the final bell.

F). Examination plan & strategy: Based upon question paper and different sections of it, devise your examination plan and your approach well in advance, test it during mock tests and successfully execute during examination.

It is said that “keep your face always towards the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you”. You must be positive and execute your plan effectively in examination hall for the realizing your dream.

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