How to prepare for Bank PO’s Interview ?

Congratulations to All who have been shortlisted for personal Interview after Common Written examination in various entrance examination such as IBPS PO / SBI PO / IBPS Specialist officer and other banking examinations. You are now just one inch closer to your dream job in banking sector of India and now thinking about how to solve the last puzzle “Personal Interview ". Team CAT aspirants observed following areas or component of interview which may be critical in your final selection.

Key to be successful in Personal Interview (PI):

  1. Questions based on personal information / backgrounds: Aspirants must workout on their personal information and smartly frame out positive and constructive answers for general questions such as " Define yourself,  Your short term & long term goals, strength & Weakness etc.
  2. Questions based on your specialization or area of study:  Candidates must brush out basics fundamentals in their area of study or specialization during under graduation and positively mold their learning / understandings into something useful pertaining to arena of banking organization, always be logical and reasonable.
  3. Questions related to Banking / Financial Sector:  Aspirants should search or google basics / fundamentals of banking and questions related to your prospective JOB Profile.
  4. Work Experience:  Bank aspirants should try to achieve synergy from their respective Work experience knowledge which is important to Arena of Banking Domain. they should also try to persuade that how useful and handy their work experience for bank to interview panel.
  5. Questions to Interviewer or Panel:-Aspirants may politely ask questions to panelist such as what will be the future career growth / Perquisite allowances / other facilities in their bank, and also what they are looking in aspired candidate ? etc.
  6. Why do you want to join Banking organization? :- Prepare your answer with clear logic to convince panel about your interest in banking organization and how will you add value addition for bank.

Bank aspirants should work-out their preparation plan and strategy for Personal interview (PI) in accordance with the aforesaid specified key points and maximize their chances for this very opportunity.

All the Best

Team CAT Aspirants 🙂

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