Study Materials for CAT / MBA exams ?

List of study materials for CAT / MBA entrance examinations:

If you are looking for an effective list of study materials for preparation of CAT / MBA entrance examinations, Team CAT Aspirants prepared a comprehensive list of study materials for various sections of written examination in terms of availability and quality. Feel free to write us your feedback in comment section at the end of this blog.

Verbal ability & reading comprehension:

Verbal ability & reading comprehension is one of the scoring components of CAT & other MBA entrance examinations. In recent years, this section has been changed a lot, earlier it was directly based on straight forward questions but now it has evolved comprising questions based on analytical application of English literature. The Syllabus is open-ended and questions could be asked from anywhere.

Classification would be done for this very component, on the basis of questions asked from different sections of question paper: -

A.) Word Structure

B.) Meaning of Words

C.) Correct Syntax, structure and formation of sentences.

D.) Identification of Theme, Ideas and Important facts from thematic passage or Reading Comprehension

E.) English Grammar

F.) Analytical application

Recommended Study Material and Resources:

A.) One National Daily Newspaper: The Hindu, the Telegraph, the Indian Express etc.

B.) One Daily Financial Newspaper: The Economic Times, Financial Express, Business Standard, Mint etc.

C.) One International Magazine: The Economist, Time, Harvard Business review etc.

D.) One International Daily Newspaper: Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington post etc.

E.) War speeches of Winston Churchill, Letters of Abraham Lincoln, Autobiographies of Andrew Carnegie, Adolf Hitler, Benjamin Franklin, M.K. Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Writings of Vivekananda etc.

F.) Novels (Indian Authors)

G.) English Grammar book: Wren & Martin

H.) GRE preparation book (12th Edition)

E.) Verbal ability: Author-Arun Sharma

Quantitative Aptitude:

Quantitative aptitude may be maker or breaker in terms of ensuring high percentile in CAT / MBA entrance examinations. It is recommended that CAT aspirants should start preparation of quantitative aptitude, by brushing fundamental concepts and theories of mathematics up to 10+2 Level. A good understanding of fundamental concepts and theories would increase accuracy and confidence of the CAT aspirants. It is advised that CAT Aspirants should follow following books for Understanding fundamental concepts & theories: -

Books Author Remarks
Mathematics NCERT Basic Concepts
Algebra (Sequence & Series, Equations, Permutation & combination, Probability) K.C. Sinha Basic Concepts
Trigonometry (up to 10th Level) K.C. Sinha Basic Concepts
Co-ordinate Geometry (up to 10th Level) S Loni Basic Concepts
Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning R.S. Sharma Starter
Quantitative Aptitude Arun Sharma Ready Reckon-er
Data Interpretation Arun Sharma Ready Reckon-er
Higher Algebra Hall & Knight Basic Concepts

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning:

Data Interpretation (DI) & Logical Reasoning (LR), is one of the most difficult & toughest components of CAT/ MBA entrance examinations. It is advised that CAT/MBA aspirants should develop interest in DI & LR by practicing and solving problems, based on puzzle and logical reasoning on regular basis. The continuity & practice, help you to score high percentiles in this particular section. Majority of the CAT aspirants are ignorant and not recognizing the importance of DI & LR which generally resulted into low scores in this section. It is recommended and advised that CAT / MBA aspirants should understand and revise the fundamental concepts and theories of statistics (Average, mean, mode etc.), which already learnt in school up to 10th Level. A good understanding of concepts and theories will increase accuracy and confidence of CAT/ MBA Aspirants on exam day.

It is also advised to follow following books for Understanding Fundamental concepts & theories of DI & LR: -

Books Author Remarks
Statistics ( Class 10th ) NCERT Basic Concepts
GRE GRE Practice Book
Puzzle Shakuntla Devi Logical Reasoning
Data Interpretation Arun Sharma Basics Concepts
Previous Year Question Bank CAT, XAT previous year papers Practice Book

All the Best

Team CAT Aspirants 🙂

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