What is Curriculum vitae / Resume / Bio-data ?

Curriculum vitae (CV) or resume or statement of purpose (SOP) is the identity of individual for unknown recruiters / Interviewers / HR managers. CV   may be one page or multiple page but most important thing is the presentation of facts in chronological order aligned with the need of recipients.

CV and SOP are very important marketing tools could be used to win half of the battle of Personal Interview (PI). Majority of questions asked in personal Interview (PI) are based on the facts given in CV and SOP.

There is a general saying that “First Impression is the last impression”, it also fits with CV & SOP. A good CV and well drafted SOP may maximize chances in personal Interview.

Structure of CV:

CAT Aspirants should firstly pen down all their personal, academic & other achievements in a paper and read it 4-5 times in order to differentiate between good, better and best category. While putting the facts in CV, latter would come first and others in reverse order. Quality of the presentation of anything is always ahead of quantity of it. in other words, appearance is very important and could be critical in any selection.

At last but not the least, Please give your CV or SOP to fellow aspirants, friends or teachers for review and get their feedback / inputs. These feedback / inputs might be useful for formulating final CV or SOP.

All the Best

Team CAT Aspirants 🙂

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